We promote an efficiency based ethos which applies to our work too.

Many retailers still give out a password for customers to sign in but this leaves a lot of potential profit on the table. Our solution asks customers to connect to the hotspot via their social media accounts. While that may seem like an insignificant difference from the password based approach, it is one of the most powerful options a physical space can implement for the most cost-effective and highly targeted digital marketing available.

By signing in with Facebook, a customer provides you with an almost embarrassing abundance of demographic riches. You’ll be able to see who your customers are and what they like along with their names and contact information. This allows you to effectively target and retarget your customers through email, surveys, and their social networks.

Personalised Loyalty:

Welcome returning guests back. Get your guests connected quickly with a passwordless login that remembers them when they next return. Brand the entire experience and display your promotions.

Powerful Data:

Extract powerful marketing data from the guests who use your WiFi. Map out your day-to-day traffic and understand the who, why and when of your venue.

Optimised Engagement:

10x your marketing with event-driven email automation. Invite new guests back, reward loyal customers and send out birthday wishes that increase loyalty and return-rate.


Free WiFi is the future of marketing for any brick and mortar business