We promote an efficiency based ethos which applies to our work too.

Flexibility is key in our consulting work. Our approach will be tailored tour business and your personal requirements – If you need a day, you only pay for a day and if you need more we agree a bespoke budget that works for you.

There are three clients options to choose for your business.


Our consulting is a customised process designed for your business and the goals you are looking to achieve. Working alongside the owner as a senior advisor, we will devise a strategy for improvement and then assist in the implementation to ensure success. We measure everything we do so at each point of every project you can clearly see the benefit to your business.

Consulting ‘Lite’:

Not sure you need the full Immersion experience but still want Starlings’s help to improve your business? With an “Consulting Lite” engagement, we will advise on all of the components in the full Immersion program. We will work with you on all of the same items within an Consulting agreement and you and your team will be in charge of driving the execution. Don’t worry– you’ll still have access to us via email and phone as needed.


Benefit from a dedicated Mentor who can be your cheerleader, your task master, your sounding board and your advisor. They help you overcome the fear and anxiety you feel about your business decisions. You can use them to help you evaluate the risks and opportunities involved in a particular business direction.

We only work with you as long as we need to, ensuring your consultancy is cost effective and your results provide a great return on investment.