Too often customers are forgotten about once the sale is complete. Existing customers are the greatest resource a business has to gain feedback, to secure more sales through cross sale and recommendation and to improve brand awareness through reviews. Our system helps you harness the power of this vital source.


a quick survey can get crucial information on your people, products and services. It will also give you an opportunity to intercept negative experiences or complaints before they make them known elsewhere and resolve the situation.


If the customer is happy (based on feedback), they will be asked for an online review on any review site. We detect which review sites the customer is already logged in and automatically move them up in the list while making them stand out.

Cross sell & Recommend:

Automatically offer additional products/services to your existing happy customers. On average 14% of customers are interested in a cross sale through our process. Further, we will invite customers who would promote you to do so.

Key Analysis:

We will provide detailed reports and analysis to show what is going well and what is not going so well, along with advice and recommendations on how your business can improve.


On average, our users get +381% more reviews than before.