The value of a consultant is having in outsider looking in and objectively assessing the situation.

This means we can quickly highlight the problems in the areas you are looking to improve, agree and implement solutions. To ensure long term success of the implementation we coach and train people within the business whilst the consultancy takes place.

By working alongside the business owner we can ensure that they improve the performance of their business, their people and themselves. Improving the sales function will ensure higher revenues and promoting customer excellence will ensure they come back to buy more – and bring their friends with them when they do.


we only work with you as long as we need to, ensuring your consultancy is cost effective and your results provide a great return on investment.


Whether you are improving the performance of an individual, a team or a business, it relys on three key pillars: Execution, Efficiancy, Evaluation.

We will conduct an in depth business review to highlight the areas that are not performing at their peak. Together we will develop a strategy for improvement and we will then drive and implement the changes to ensure results are achieved in months not years.



Increasing revenue and maximising the leads that hard earned marketing budget has achieved is crucial for business.

Sales is more than closing, its a culture, a mindset and a process. In order to maximise your potential as a business and a team of sales people we will work with all aspects in the sales function and services cover:

  • Sales strategy and process
  • Sales and staff underperformance issues
  • Staff development and training
  • Performance management
  • Target setting

All consultancy work is tailored for your business, so we will focus our attention where you need it most.

Customer Excellence

Customer satisfaction has changed, satisfaction is not enough – you need to deliver Excellence. We work with you to strengthen the three key principles: Listen, Understand, Deliver.

Its all about the experience of their journey with you, closing the gap between what is expected and the actual and taking it further so that Purchasers become Partners. Its not what you sell that they will remember, its how they felt about it.

We can work with you to map your current customer journey and experience, using proven measures to test and improve.